Vibrant Gujrat project is about Documenting the victims of 2002 Godhra, Gujrat riots who suffered losses. Started working on this in 2012.

 These losses are of houses and the belongings of Lower middle class people which are the majority, during the Communal dispute.

They were common and innocent people who were victims of Politics and religion.

Irrespective of the culture and religion they follow, they suffered losses which left them homeless and bankrupt. These shelter-less people were left with no option but had to dwell in temporary tents. Till date even after 11 years they are struggling and building up spaces for their family. The murder took place in a huge number.

The Gujarat government claims to have already distributed more than Rs 56 cores as direct cash benefit under the various heads to the riot victims. However, representatives of the victims dispute the government strategies that more than 90 percent of those affected are yet to get anything. Ten percent had received some 'meagre amount'.

Government has beennegligibleand quite ignorant on this issue who were affected by the carnage.

Through this project I have tried to create an awareness about the condition of the people even after so many years they are waiting for justice and some help from the government.

Year ahead will be spent working under Deepak John Mathew. Would want to continue working on this project as it has been a very sensitive issue and need much more of attention.

Concentrating in different area which are affected by such communal disharmony, track how they are affected and problems related to it.

Communalism, violence and terror and the obstinate refusal to find political solutions are conscious plans towards an aim: the continued use of the Indian state against all the peoples in order to maximize profits and preserve power, and at the same time, to emerge as a big power in close cooperation with the "West". This not only creates dangers for the people of India but to all the neighbouring countries as well. Thus raising voices against the communalism and terrorism of the Indian state andproduce awareness.

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